Frequently Asked Questions

When does the trial expire

Your free trial expires after 30 days of creating my account. After the trial, you are required to select a plan to continue using the service

What happens after the trial expires

We keep your account inactive to give you opportunity to select a plan. After a period of time, it will be deleted if a plan is not chosen

Can I change my plan anytime

Yes, you can change your plan at anytime. The remaining balance will be calculated with the new plan price

How do I choose a plan

You can select a plan as you are setting up an account. If you are using a free trial, you can upgrade your plan from your account settings

What methods of payment are available to me

We accept credit card payments through our payment processor In some cases, depending on your location, we may accept other methods like cheque

How can my users pay

They can also pay with credit card or through bank if you add your banking details. We can also integrate other payment methods depending on your plan or requests